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Kitchen Spa Ideas

A few years ago, I had the privilege of filming a two-part segment on KALB-TV‘s
Your Style with Dan Forest.

Part one of the segment dealt with healthy, around-the-kitchen ingredients that can be used on your face and in the shower.
Click here to view this video.

Facial Scrub
1 c. Oatmeal 1 c. Yogurt
Mix and apply.

Green Tea Spritzer
3 oz. Distilled water
2 green tea bags
Brew tea in distilled water. Allow cooling. Pour into a spray bottle.
Spritz on the face for a natural energy boost.

Shower Spa Bags:
2 parts old fashioned oatmeal
2 parts herbal tea (like chamomile)
1 part grated soap
Knee-high (or organza bag)

Mix all ingredients and spoon into knee-high. Knot the end. Wet and use in the shower.
The number of uses depends on the amount spooned into the knee high.

Part two included tips for natural cuticle treatments, moisturizer for tough skin areas and a relaxing foot spa.

Click here to view this video.

Nail Scrub
1 TB cornmeal
1 tsp soybean oil

Mix to a paste-like consistency. Rub the paste onto your cuticles.
Because this product uses no water, you can save the leftovers in a reusable container!

Coffee Scrub
3 TB coffee grounds
1 TB soybean or olive oil, whichever is in your cabinet
1 TB sugar, white or brown, or a mix of both

Mix dry ingredients, then add oil. Add oil slowly to get the consistency you like. Rub gently to the problem area.

Foot Soak
1 part Epsom salt
1 part baking soda

Add 2-3 TB per gallon of hot water.

I really had a great time with these recipes, and I hope that you find any or all of them useful.


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