Our Story

Soap Cottage

Oma’s Favorite Handcrafted Soaps began in 2003 because a need to soothe the delicate skin of my youngest daughter. Prescription and over-the-counter  treatments weren’t really bringing her comfort, and I hated the idea of using chemicals on a newborn.

After much trial and error, a collection of recipes was created that met the needs of her dry skin. Soon after, my entire family was using my soaps exclusively. Each new batch of soap taught me more about the importance of quality ingredients, and how they contributed to a great bar of soap.

Eventually, my family and I had more soap than could be used in a lifetime!
My desire to make soap had become my passion!  In 2010, I started selling products to the public.

We reached another milestone on April 22, 2017 when we opened our first brick & mortar location in Pineville, Louisiana. Then, on September 22, 2018, we attained yet another milestone – we relocated to a larger location in Alexandria, Louisiana! Our shop, which we’ve dubbed the Soap Cottage, continues to serve as the premier location for handcrafted bath treats with concierge service!

The Oma Crew