Perfume oil


To Use:
Gently apply and rub oil on pulse points in a circular motion. Reapply, as needed.



Why use perfume oils?

The best reason, perfume oils last longer than alcohol-based perfumes. Alcohol evaporates from the bottle faster.
Another strong reason – oil-based perfumes are a lot less drying to skin and hair than traditional alcohol-based perfumes. As the alcohol evaporates to spread the fragrance of a traditional perfume, it takes with it your skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin drier.
Perfume oils are moisturizing and, therefore, carry a much less possibility of causing skin irritation. We recommend this product for people with dry skin.


Oma’s Favorite Perfume Oils:

    • are hand-blended in small batches, by us
    • are formulated from scratch
    • are packaged in easy to carry glass bottles with roller ball dispensers
    • contain essential oils, and some may contain quality fragrance oils
    • can be custom-blended, just for you!


  • sunflower oil
  • essential oils


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