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What’s Happening?!

What’s Happening?

  1. Due to a scheduling conflict, we won’t be attending the Alexandria Museum of Art’s Second Saturday Market on August 10. Our products are available for purchase inside the Museum gift shop! And, there’s no tax when you buy downtown!
  2. The Oma’s Favorite Doctor soaps giveaway is ending tonight at midnight. If you haven’t had a chance to enter, please do!
  3. On the subject of The Doctor, there are only a few bars of TARDIS left in stock, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Grab yours now!!
  4. We’ve got NEW ‘who’ soaps coming! We’ll be adding theme in the next few weeks and months!
  5. Our soaps are also available at:
    *Delta Interiors in Pineville, located next to Little Caesar’s. Stop by and say “hi” to Angela!
    *Tamp & Grind coffee shop, downtown Alexandria!
  6. Fall is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Autumn is awesome, and so are the scents that surround the season. Watch this space!


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