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What’s your story?

Today, I’d like to tell the story of Oma’s Favorite.
It started out as a quest to find a natural way to calm down my youngest daughter’s skin condition. With the support and assistance of other natural moms on a Yahoo Group, I tried a few recipes. I took a bit from this one, and a touch from that one until I had the perfect recipe for my daughter. Soon, my whole family was using my soap exclusively.
Fast forward a few years: my children and I were having lunch and I commented on how neat it would be if homeschool families could have fundraisers like public schools do. I also thought about other parents who were probably struggling to find a natural solution to their children’s skin issues.
We searched for local markets to set up a booth. But, I didn’t want someone to buy my soap and have no way to contact me afterward, so I needed a business name. I wanted a name that sounded like “Granny’s handmade lye soap“, but more glamorous than that. My children call my mom and dad ‘Oma’ and ‘Opa’ respectively. It’s German for Grandma and Grandpa.
So, there’s where ‘Oma‘ comes from.
I’ve been telling the story that ‘Favorite’ came about because I’m my mother’s favorite daughter -yes, I’m the only daughter, why do you ask? ?

Truthfully, though, I can’t really remember why we added it

, but it works!

So, here we are, EIGHT years later!

We’ve expanded our product line. We’ve been nominated TWICE for the Cenla’s Choice Best Local Product Award. We opened Oma’s Favorite Soap Cottage, which will mark its 1 year anniversary on April 22! ?
And, each of you has played a part. Thank you very much!
Now, I’d like to ask: What is your Oma story? How did you find out about us? How have we affected your soapy life?
Comment below! 🙂
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